Magnetic scanners for external control

Демонстрация работы сканера СкМ-Т4 на узле нефтяного месторождения ,г. Сургут

Magnetic scanners for external control of:
- pipes and reservoirs walls;
- welded seams of pipes and reservoirs;
- underwater pipelines;
- base of rails.
The significant area of JSC Avtogaz activities is design and production of magnetic scanners СкМ series for external control. The most effect from using of СкМ scanners is achieved in inaccessible for in-line inspection zones. Convenience and quality of control of pipelines (with isolation thickness up to 3,5 mm), oil storage tanks, reservoirs and oil fields technological equipment proved the currency of magnetic external scanners. They can be used to verify the results of in-line inspection as well. In 2000-2005 years the successful tests of magnetic scanners СкМ-Т at oil storages and oil fields were run. In 2005 the magnetic scanner СкМ-Р for base of rails control was designed and produced. In 2008 the magnetic external scanner СД-1420 for continuous control of pipeline walls, while re-isolation (переизоляция?) works at 1420 mm diameter pipeline are being run, was put into production. All equipment is accompanied with software, designed by the specialists of JSC Avtogaz, for data analysis and processing. With this software you can get the color picture of pipeline section or welded seam, which have been inspected, detect defect zones, assess type, size and location of defects and immediately make detailed report without special skills as operator. By results of control the full set of data concerning defects on internal and external walls of pipelines and reservoirs is given. It includes the information concerning individual cracks, group of interacted cracks (stress-corrosion), pitting and general corrosion; pores, lack of penetration and cracks in welded seams and different combinations of defects.
In 2006 magnetic scanner СкМ-Ш got the DIPLOMA as the best product in the magnetic method of control at the 5th International Exhibition “Non-destructive and laboratory control in industry” (2006, Moscow).

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