Defect Detection Complexes КОД for in-line inspection

Приемо-сдаточные испытания дефектоскопа КОД-4М-1420у

- in-line inspection of trunk oil and gas pipelines;
- in-line inspection of compressor stations and reservoir technological piping.
The main activities of JSC Avtogaz are directed to design and production КОД Defect Detection Complexes for in-line inspection oil and gas pipelines (with diameters 219-1420 mm). The Complex includes cleaning pig, magnetic cleaning pig, profilometer, corrosion and stress-corrosion detector. The Complex makes it possible to clean pipeline and detect geometry of defects, pipe walls metal loss and defects in longitudinal welded seams. Production of individual elements of КОД Complex is possible too. In the late 90s detector Complex КОД4М-1420 for in-line inspection of gas pipelines was constructed. It realized original scientific and technical solutions for detection and size assessment of full range pipeline defects. For the first time in Russia transverse magnetization and detailed recording of all data filed measured were used. Special approaches for calculations of inspection operational conditions, algorithms and software for information processing concerning stress-corrosion control are developed. Beginning from 1996 the КОД-4М-1420 Defects Detection Complex for pipeline in-line inspection has inspected more than 2000 km of pipelines sections against orders of Gazprom large gas transportation companies. In 2003 Complex passed interdepartmental tests. In 2007 JSC Avtogaz specialists developed new highly sensitive in-line magnetic КОД-4М-1420у Complex with automatic speed control device (bypass). The universal technology of automatic speed control ensures optimal speed of inspection without changing operating characteristics (productivity of pipeline under inspection does not change). Minimum depth of detectable stress-corrosion cracks is 10% of wall thickness. One can detect defects in longitudinal welded seams and anomalies in welded joints. Survivability of the Complex is raised. New marker system has been developed, making possible to trace pig location in the pipeline directly from dispatching office. Complex passed acceptance tests in 2008. Special simulating test bench of pipelines with diameters 720, 1020, 1220 and 1420 mm (4 pipelines 60 m length each) has been made for the purpose of complex adjustment, verification and calibration of the Complex. The test bench is equipped with drilling winch drive for pulling pigs into pipelines with the speed up to 3 m/s. Man-made defects, which simulated stress-corrosion cracks and pitting corrosion, were put on pipe walls. Pipe spools with natural defects, detected by КОД-4М-1420 Complex were fixed in as well. Beginning from 2008 works for producing in-line inspection complexes for sea pipelines are being in run.
In 2008 magnetic КОД-4М-1420у Complex with automatic speed control device got the DIPLOMA as winner of competition “Innovation 2008” at the “7th International Exhibition and Conference on devices and equipment for non-destructive control and technical diagnostics in industry” (2008, Moscow).

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