Mobile Gas Refueler "ПАГЗ-5000-25"

Technical characteristics:
Transported gas volume, nm35000
Dumping coefficient, %no less 60
Productivity: 50 automobiles per day for refueling points at up to 100 km distance from automobile gas-filling compressor stations (АГНКС)
Quantity of refueling posts: 3
Refueling time, min 8 -10

Mobile gas refueler "PAGZ-5000-25" is meant for transporting compressed natural gas and refueling motor vehicles using natural gas as motor fuel. The mobile motor gas refueler includes a tractor with a semi-trailer which carries three blocks of light-weight gas vessels made of composite materials. All PAGZ vessels are divided into 5 sections. The quantity of the vessels in each of the sections is different: 13, 12, 10, 8, 5. This is done for a more complete dumping of the vessels.
All the vessels in the sections are joined together parallel and are supplied with a common shut-off safety armature and controlling equipment. Refueling of PAGZ vessels and motor transport consumers of PAGZ is made through the refueling panel which is installed on the semi-trailer frame.
Refueling of consumers is made with the aid of three removable flexible hoses which during PAGZ transportation are placed in a box fastened to the semi-trailer frame. Refueling is performed with a vessel’s refueler from a gas distribution block supplied on its front panel with the equipment controlling the refueling process and its parameters. Gas dumping from pipeline and vessels to the atmosphere is carried out through a special pipe – “vent” located in the gas distribution block.
Peculiar features of "PAGZ-5000-25" compared to the existing mobile gas refuelers are:
• a 1,8 times volume increase of transported gas due to weight decrease of gas vessel equipment as a result of using composite material vessels;
• the dumping coefficient of PAGZ gas vessels during refueling is no less than 60%.