The Avtogaz Joint Stock Company was established in 1991 and is one of the first JSCs registered in the USSR. As “Perestroika” started, thousands of different industrial enterprises were established in Russia, many of which have perished. Particularly difficult for them was default of 1998. JSC Avtogaz was created on the initiative and with participation of JSC Gazprom. It is successfully developing, and in 2009 it will celebrate its “full age”. The base of it is success in the solving of significant tasks concerning alternative fuels, in-line and external control of pipelines. The original scientific and technical solutions for detection and size assessment of full range pipeline defects are realized in the designs. For the first time in Russia transverse magnetization and detailed recording of all data files measured are used. Special approaches for verification modes calculations, algorithms and software for information processing concerning stress-corrosion control are developed. Beginning from 1996 the Defects Detection Complex for in-line inspection of pipelines КОД-4М-1420 has inspected more than 2000 km of pipelines sections against orders of large Gazprom gas transportation companies. Equipment for alternative fuel use developed by JSC Avtogaz have got good recommendations by Samara region testing house and one of Moscow bus companies. Novelty, timeliness and quality of our designs are confirmed by the patents and diplomas.

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